Stuck at home?  here's 50 000 Questions to keep you company ! 

Over 50 000 online questions in VR, NVR, Maths, English and Vocabulary to tackle in your own time at your own pace

High Flyers 11 Plus Practice Online is an effective, easy-to-use and flexible way to prepare for the 11 Plus which your child will find stimulating and enjoyable. Your child will be provided with their unique Username and Password. Once they have logged in their personalised account, they will be able to conduct their own online tests at home. Your child's confidence will grow as they see from their test reviews how they have improved and time taken to complete them.


Our Online Key Features:-

  • develops core skills in English and Maths
  • develops non-verbal reasoning skills
  • separate tests in English, Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Vocabulary
  • a Combined Test option provides the option to practise specific topics - e.g. Percentages (Maths), Nets (NVR), Antonyms (English)
  • instant test results, which can be reviewed straight away
  • explanations for answers - helpful to both parents and children
  • over 50 topic areas, including 15 Maths topics (Word Problems, Decimals, Shapes, Geometry etc)
  • a wide variety of 11 Plus question types
  • provides reading comprehension practice
  • boosts vocabulary
  • develops the ability to follow written instructions
  • develops familiarity with the wording of 11 Plus questions
  • encourages independent study and learning

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Regular practice will allow you and your child to see where performance is strongest and where there is need for further improvement. As there are separate tests in the different skills, and even the option to practice specific topics within subject-areas, your child can focus on the areas needing most practice. Tests can be reviewed at any time. 

You and your child can see which questions were attempted, how many answers were correct, and how long it took to complete or partially complete the test. 
For many questions, there is an explanation of the correct answer, which can also provide additional to help parents in supporting their child's learning